Mind Uploading

Historical Use Of Digital Immortality

Digital Immortality As We Use ItEdit

Digital Immortality means indefinite life in a digital form. Currently we live in analog minds.

True Immortality (digital or otherwise) means actual immortality (cannot die).

While our goal is to always work toward increasing lifespan of the collective and individual, true immortality is always something to consider. Likewise, digital minds may prove unrealistic whereas something like quantum computers could provide a gateway to a different kind of mind.

Historical Use Of Digital ImmortalityEdit

Digital Immortality historially has meant preserving/creating a digital copy of someone without their consciousness.

Why Did We Repurpose The Term?Edit

-We needed a concise term to describe indefinite life in a digital form.

-It was not used very much in the transhumanism community (or really any community), so we are not creating all that much disturbance.